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Top challenges for Call Center Industry

Call centers have been spooning success to the businesses across the world for more than two decades now. From customer support to lead generation, from order taking to telemarketing, call centers have been playing a paramount role in building up the business community. For too long, call centers have been playing a foundation role in handling the extraneous tasks for the businesses across the globe.

With digitalization and business sectors now maturing more rapidly, the entire dynamics are changing again. There have been few threats that have been bothering the businesses that outsourced call centers for good. Some threats are temporary and others are evolutionary. However, in order to sustain the call center sector, BPO owners need to have a good look at these challenges:

Why you should Outsource your Business

Artificial intelligence

With AI now getting included in the customer service division, there is a serious threat to the call center industry. In the USA, more than 80% of the private hospitals have successfully implemented the AI in their customer support. This ensures that there is absolutely zero need for the call center agents to assist the customers.

Even online businesses have been implementing the AI-backed customer support. Call centers are time-consuming and even costs more than implementing AI-based assistance. Not just customer support, but in tasks like data analytics and market research too, AI is been trying its hand.


Omnichannel requirement

Outsourced call centers are typically known to offer assistance to the customers on the phone call. Even though the service standards are high and affordable, this is not enough for the present epoch. Digitalization and the technological boom has opened up several platforms where users interact constantly. These mediums are social media, web, emails, chat, SMS, etc. The call centers are hence converting into contact centers or the BPOs where they along with the support on the call also tap customers on these channels.

Customers have become extremely choosy these days and if the companies are just going to offer them telephone assistance, returns are not going to be good enough.

Deteriorating service quality

When outsourcing commenced, Indian call centers were the major players. Even today, 66% of the total call centers in the world are in India. Along with India, Philippines, Malaysia, China, etc have also jumped in the outsourced call centers sector. And because of this, a lot of American and European companies report lousy customer service deliverance. A bad customer experience washes away a lot of good deeds of a call center. Not all, but half of the companies opting to outsource are not happy with subpar service standards. Call centers require to keep this aspect into consideration if they wish to keep on rolling.

High attrition rate

One of the most terrible challenges to the growth of the call center sector is the high churn rate of employees. Most of the call centers have rotational shifts with 24*7 working schemes. Employees, owing to the high stress, target-centric environment, and health issue keep on changing the job, which leads to a bad impact on call center industry itself.

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