These 3 Natural Oils Can Help Avoid Dry and Damaged Skin

Everybody wants a clear and fresh skin, full of life and enthusiasm. When your skin feels good, you feel great! When your skin feels dry and damaged, you feel dull. One of the problems a lot of people experience regarding their skin is its being dry and damaged. There are many activities and external factors that cause the skin to become lifeless, and they are usually just around the corner. Sometimes, it’s actually you who lead yourself to a dry and/or damaged skin.

Fortunately, there are amazing ways to fight away skin dryness. There are expensive and inexpensive ways and not-too-inexpensive ways too. There are chemical and natural means as well. This piece talks about 3 kinds of natural oils which you can use to avoid dry and damaged skin.



Source – Essential Oil Haven’s website

Sandalwood oil is extracted from Sandalwood. Other essential oils are mixed can be mixed with it for better results. Aside from its precious pleasant smell, it has a lot of advantages to the skin. Its therapeutic properties get even more emphasized and intensified if you add some flowers to it.

It has properties that make way for skin cleansing and refreshing. It helps remove skin blemishes such as scars and unwanted dark spots that lead to skin pigmentation. Toning the skin, eliminating itchiness and lessening skin redness are also its special functions. It is advisable during summer too as it won’t give an uncomfortable feeling, rather a soothing one. Dry skin can be made fresh, young-looking and lively because of Sandalwood oil’s rejuvenating attributes and medicinal characteristics.  



Skin nourishment and moisturization? Sunflower oil also got you. This oil calms the skin as it provides a soothing feeling. It has full of nutrients — a reason why it is highly recommended for skin irritations and other skin conditions.

Its Vitamin E makes it hinder the damage that UV rays bring. One of the features of the Sunflower oil which makes it stand out among all the other essential skin oils is its levels of Vitamin E higher than others.   

Dead cells can also be eliminated through the Sunflower oil. It effectively hydrates the skin and maintains moisture, thus, it really is beneficial for people with dry skin. Aside from being used a moisturizer, the Sunflower oil can be used to clean your skin as well. It brings back life and youthfulness to dry skin.



Source – Vichy Laboratories website

Jojoba oil comes from seeds of Jojoba plants. A very special kind, this oil resembles the oil that comes from human skin. Just like the function of the skin’s oil, this Jojoba oil also shields the skin from unsafe foreign substances.

It is compatible for any skin type. You can use this as part of your daily skincare routine to improve your skin’s texture. The vitamins and minerals included in it make Jojoba oil perform even better. It has Vitamin E and B, enabling it to function as a damage resistor and skin repairer. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory and antifungal attributes, as well as skin regeneration and restoration properties.

As a moisturizer, Jojoba oil makes sure that your skin is fresh-looking, not itchy and not dry. It does its function very well while maintaining the good health of the skin and not just its good looks. It obstructs bacterial growth, thus, lessening the chances of blackheads and other facial blemishes up to protecting your skin from probable disorders such as skin asthma.



There you go. Above are three natural oils used as effective essential oils for the skin’s beauty and health. There are many other oils like them, but these three are some of the “not commonly heard” or “not very familiar” with everyone. The most common ones, as mentioned in commercials and written on product labels, include Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Argan Oil; they are famous also because they’re easy to find out from the market. The three above-mentioned ones, however, are not very much talked about, but they are also important because they have amazing properties  which you can use aside from the ones you already know.

Again, consider these three natural oils for you to avoid or get rid of damaged and dry skin and to acquire and maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.



AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale Skin Cancer Clinic, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. She cares a lot about her skin and her body and encourages others to care about theirs too through writing safe reminders and informative pieces about skin and health. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.