Read Out Review of IBIS Dual Coil Fast Wireless Charging Station

Wireless charging is not the quickest way to control your smart phones, as wired charging is really quicker. This is quite true today more than ever as numerous smartphones on the market are compatible with some type of rapid charging techs like Power Delivery or Quick Charge. But, it is the convenience factor which makes wireless charging so likable and utilized among a lot of people.

But most wireless chargers are simply the same, together with them just being able to control one device however many amps they have, and thus they can not precisely charge multiple devices simultaneously like wall stoves or desktop charging channels. Nevertheless, there are a couple of wireless chargers available on the marketplace which can control two Qi compatible smartphones in precisely the exact same moment.

One is right here that we are going to critique and that will be this IBIS Double Wireless charging pad which also uses a USB-A port. So let us have a peek if that is too good to be accurate or being able to charge two mobiles is a fantasy come true.

  • OutPut Charging Power:

There are a total of 3 strategies to bill out of this IBIS wireless charger.

The first two, of course, are naturally wireless charging telephones. There are two coils that are placed in two ends of the charger, so that you may really change two Qi compatible devices in precisely the exact same time, like an iPhone XS along with a Galaxy Notice 9.

Though we did state that wireless charging is much slower than wired charging, the radio charging out of this charger is in fact rather quickly but that depends upon what input you are using to power the charger at the first location.

That is because there are three input ports to utilize with the charger, and it is undoubtedly among the greatest sections of it. There is a USB-C, Micro-USB plus a lightning input interface. The very best input port to utilize in this case are the USB-C input and that is as it is Quick Charge compatible along with the charger really includes a Quick Charge wall charger which you can use to electricity to the wireless charger during its max charging rate.

The advantage of owning this wireless charger using a Quick Charge wall charger is the wireless charging is quicker and so it’s possible to offer 10W wireless charging to all those Qi compatible devices which are Quick Wireless charging harmonious, like the Note 9, Galaxy S9 along with other Samsung tablets.

In terms of routine wireless charging compatible devices, they’ll charge in a 5W wireless charging speed, even in the event that you’ve got the wireless charger being powered via the USB-C input using a Quick Charge wall charger.

Powering the radio charger together with the Micro-USB that has a 5V/2.0A input or the Lighting input using its usage of 1A input will lead to lower wireless charging rates of 5W.

  • USB-A Port:

The next approach to control your wireless charger would be using the USB-A interface and although it’s exceedingly helpful to control another apparatus at the same time you’ve got two tablets charging wirelessly, the USB-A interface with this charger features a 5V/1.0A charging speed.

  • Size 

Layout Dimensions and Weight:

The dimensions of this charger is rather large concerning duration, but even so, it is still small you’ll have the ability to set it where you need and it will not be consuming too much space. The charger includes a span of 7.9 inches, the diameter of 3.6 inches, and a thickness of 0.3 inches. The burden of this fee is 13.6 Ounces.

So it is a really slim charger and does not even weigh 1 lb. It is rather easy to travel with, but for the most part, you are likely to be packaging this charger in one place to utilize it.

Functional Components:

If it comes to utilizing the charger, it works exactly as any other charger.

At the very top, you will find two bands to the left and right end to indicate in which the charging coils are and also the smartphone must remain in the centre the charger in order for it to really charge. To really power the charger, the 3 inputs are on the rear side, and that’s your USB-A output interface.

When the wireless charger is getting power, there is a Blue light which constantly stays on to demonstrate the charger is getting power. If you are really charging a device with the radio charging or USB-A jack, then there is a Greenlight that works and pulsates to demonstrate that a unit is charging.

IBIS really has an upgrade with this wireless charger very lately and they dimmed the lights to make it easy to really have this charger at a bedroom and also to sleep with the lights . Nevertheless, if they are still too bright then covering the lights having a thing does resolve the issue.

  • Build

Structure and Substance:

The charger is largely made from plastic, and though it does not come from a really well-known brand that the charger still has a good build quality which really does feel nice to use.


With wireless charging, there is definitely heat creation and that is no different here. Whether you are wirelessly charging one or two smart phones, this charger will are inclined to get somewhat warm and the heat is in the place of where the charging coil is. It is not a severe problem in any way, it is only something which we thought you ought to know.

Only charging out of the USB-A port does not to produce the charger hot.


In case you have friends or family who have a Qi-compatible smartphone and you do also, then this double wireless charger can be quite practical that you put it from the living area and for all to utilize. Since most wireless chargers available on the market are for unmarried smartphones, and also the convenience factor of merely putting a smartphone onto a pad and cost is fairly trendy.

There is also the advantage of being able to control the third apparatus, also.

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