Perceivability. Consistency. Productivity. Change Internal Audit with TeamMate+

As Internal Audit advances toward expecting a bigger authority position inside associations as an important, drew in accomplice, TeamMate+ can help by driving an incentive all through the three lines of barrier on a departmental, divisional or association wide level. We do this by concentrating on our center standards—perceivability, consistency and productivity.


Perceivability Across The Audit Team And The Three Lines Of Defense:

We manufactured TeamMate+ around the idea of perceivability both at the departmental and authoritative level. At the division level, dashboards give announcements to your review assignments and causes you oversee day by day action, connecting everything back to the general review plan. As you drill further through the application, you’ll discover progressively point by point and granular dashboards for an increasingly complete picture. Office pioneers have moment access to the basic data they have to deal with their groups including: continuous review work, followed issues, staff accessibility, assignments, and the sky is the limit from there.

At the authoritative level, TeamMate+ empowers diverse confirmation suppliers to cooperate to perceive what other hazard gatherings are doing just as gives perceivability into offices outside of Internal Audit. This interconnectedness all through the association moves joint effort between beforehand different review, chance administration and consistence forms and quickens an association’s accomplishment in distinguishing and overseeing potential hazard.


Different Ways TeamMate+ Upgrades Your Undertaking Wide Perceivability Include:

  • Report Scheduling and Delivery – Eliminate the requirement for manual information accumulation and report gathering that can take you days to incorporate. TeamMate+ can create a report inside minutes and electronically convey it to anybody in the association for audit.
  • Secondary Dimensions – There’s more than one approach to take a gander at your association, and TeamMate+ has you concealed with to 30 unique measurements. Notwithstanding mapping, variable scoring streams over each measurement and any modifications are made to every one of the measurements all the while.
  • TeamStore Content – Our TeamStore information base advances consistency via consistently sharing information for review projects and hazard controls over your three lines of safeguard. Populated with 20,000 review methods and 1,000 best practice controls, your substance library will keep on developingsince all work entered in TeamMate+ is naturally added to TeamStore.


Consistency Throughout Your Workflow:

TeamMate+ was worked in light of consistency—a streamlined UI, work examples and information stream all work together to close the learning hole between your review group and convey significant answering to partners. Executing precise and work process driven review procedures help your association get more an incentive from the review procedure by taking out blunders and irregularities with standard information accumulation and detailing techniques.

Designed to work the manner in which you do, TeamMate+ causes you meet your review procedure prerequisites and upholds your review technique with market-driving usefulness, including:

  • Configurable Audit Reports – TeamMate+ enables you to set up your departmental models to guarantee reports are produced in a steady group for simple meaningfulness.
  • Project Phase Workflow Options – Select the quantity of stages for your review work process and arrange TeamMate+ to decide when each stage is basically. This one of a kind element empowers you to perform follow up review exercises even after the review is finished.


Proficiency For Greater Risk Management:

The interest to include expanded worth while committing less time to each review is developing, making it more basic than any time in recent memory for inspectors to amplify their assets. TeamMate+ does that by giving:

  • Capacity Planning – Get the most effective utilization of your staff and assets by utilizing TeamMate+ for productive arranging with no squandered or repetitive endeavors.
  • Document Request Management – No progressively long holding up times and disregarded email demands. Use TeamMate+ to electronically demand the data you need. The people being examined can then quickly transfer their records appropriate to the framework, chopping down manual preparing time from weeks to hours.
  • Audit Report Workflow – TeamMate+ kills the quantity of messages you send and get by enabling you to share review reports with your business contacts, get warnings and submit alters/remarks through the application.


A Platform Built For The Future


Similarity Across Browsers And Devices:

In the present quickly changing innovation condition it’s significant that arrangements can adjust. TeamMate+ underpins the standard programs utilized in many associations. Furthermore, in this time of ‘Present to Your Own Device’ and a bigger choice of PC, tablet and telephone alternatives, TeamMate+ is intended to work with any screen size by actualizing a responsive format that comprehends what gadget you are utilizing and how to best show information to you.


Electronic And Cloud Optimized:

The electronic design of TeamMate+ implies that a solitary establishment or redesign is conceivable making arrangement speedy and simple.


Advanced For Touchscreens:

TeamMate+ is advanced for touchscreens meaning not exclusively would you be able to work from any place you pick, however you additionally have the opportunity to choose how you work.


Adaptable And Personalized Working Views:

When your review document is assembled, you might need to see the work to be performed in an alternate design. The Dynamic Working View gives you a chance to change your Perspective to any of the standard perspectives gave or to one of your own custom perspectives.


Complete Audit Trail:

TeamMate+ incorporates a total review trail with client activities, record alters, hyperlinks, due dates, and more guarantees that your review documents completely bolster your discoveries and withstand the examination of outside survey.


Completely Configurable Fields and Workflows:

TeamMate+, with its broad configurability, enables each review division to build up and control their own terms, venture achievements, work process, singular perspectives, and the sky is the limit from there. In view of our client driven structure, we’ve included more end-client setup alternatives, for example, redid work processes, custom viewpoints (how you sort out and see the information on your screen), client bunch the executives and assignments and 100% configurable wording.


Revealing Powered By IBM Cognos:

Detailing in TeamMate+ is worked to exploit the wide exhibit of alternatives accessible through our joining with Cognos, so you can promptly observe data that will enable you to settle on key business choices.


Basic And Elegant User Interface:

Utilization of an example based plan makes it simple for evaluators to rapidly get data went into TeamMate+. Less time spent figuring out how to utilize programming enables more opportunity to find and give profitable review bits of knowledge.