Krakow EXPO – a huge number of splendid thoughts in a single place

Situated at the specific focal point of the city, the Krakow EXPO is a noteworthy diversion and gathering scene that brings enthusiasm and demonstrable skill of covering substantial occasions to the people and in addition the main market organizations and worldwide accomplices. From the idea of uniting individuals blossoms the intensity of industry impact and present day artistic expression. See what it can improve the situation you and your business.


Arranging is the premise:

Rental alternatives and administrations of this multi-practical setting are the best in the zone as far as sorting out customized happenings. During the time spent acknowledgment of an occasion customers will rely on full strategic and content-related help and furthermore the inclusion of cutting edge, IT, realistic and AV pros prepared to set up and mastermind the introduction space on interest. Furthermore the Krakow EXPO guarantees security and visitor ccommodation administrations for the ideal course of occasions.

The article:

14 000 sqm of serenely situated zone give a vehicle park to more than 700 vehicles and outside show territory, also the advantageous transport choices including close-by taxi and transport stops, likewise the mentor transport open outside is genuinely noteworthy. To the extent the indoor is concerned Krakow EXPO has available to its 2 open space lobbies, workshop and gathering rooms and Galicja eatery accessible for occasions. Also luxuries for youngsters, seniors, handicapped and even cyclists. The scene guarantees the best nature of gave benefit.


Innovative and social-accommodating activities:

Krakow EXPO can pride itself on its momentous records in acknowledgment of worldwide undertakings like World Seed Congress, global exchange fairs in game, therapeutic, car, land or mechanical autonomy and hardware fields and additionally corporate occasions and workmanship traditions for instance Tattoo celebration or video cuts creation. The setting can gloat likewise with its attention on social circle like the brisk dates occurring or the pending Senior Exchange Reasonable and Heart Society Congress. Extending the diversion area this foundation gets ready additionally dinners for more than 4000 journeys, mold, culinary, music, theater and move appears. Look at the logbook area of krakow worldwide meetings and stimulation zone for a nitty gritty rundown.

Increased in value by global affiliations like UFI, ICCA or PIPT Krakow EXPO, with its focused rental passages is the best choice for business visionaries, excitement activities and gathering arranging. Show yourself in the best quality.

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