Highly Specialized Areas Hunting Rich Talent in Artificial Intelligence

Understanding how Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can benefit various aspects of business is a key skill in 2018. In 2019, things would get a little trickier and specialized as we step into a totally different playing field involving Big Data, Deep Learning, and Hyper Computing—all coming together under software and IT applications in 2019-2020.

In the coming months, certified professionals from Artificial Intelligence course Bangalore could be ruling the roost and leading productive teams in the top ten industrial segments.

This article briefly mentions some high traction areas in the industry you could possibly fit into with the Artificial intelligence expertise.

Cyber Security Defense and Risk Analysis

AI companies are making a beeline to preach their technologies can make cyber security applications risk-free and transparent. With AI, banking and insurance industry could be completely safe guarded from cyber threats that sink billions of dollars online.

With supervised AI learning, malware would be a thing of the past.

In the race to build the perfect safe cyber security ecosystem, new dimensions of Big Data would arrive to safeguard personal information shared on your emails, social media and LinkedIn and job boards.

AI in Healthcare

Yes, healthcare is the biggest avenue for AI certified experts from Bangalore. According to a leading research firm, AI in healthcare would completely transform the way doctors and clinical healthcare centers keep and treat patients. It would be era of smart medication wherein Big Data would ensure quicker diagnosis and swifter surgical procedures with a close to 100% accuracy. Mortality rates would come significantly down in pregnancies and cancer surgeries assisted by Robotic equipment.

HR Technology and Talent Automation

HR technology is a huge domain. It could be dealing with employee benefits, recruitment automation, pension and monetary benefits, employee safety, leave management and much more. The biggest beneficiary in this HR technology domain would be – HR recruitment platforms.

With unemployment at an all time high, it’s the best way to reduce talent leak- deploy AI to find your best employees. Recruitment of top talent based on AI architecture would significantly bring down employability costs and safeguard your business interests in dealing with brain drain and losing your best brains to competition.

Smart Homes

Looking to save that extra bit in your energy bills? Well, rely on AI to do it for you as certified machine learning experts work with Smart Home automation companies to teach devices how to shut off power when not required. From managing temperature to dimming lights during day, the era of Smart Homes would run from your connected devices.

Bringing Life Closer to Reality

AI is transforming the way blind people deal with their challenges. Image recognition and AR/VR would be central technologies. Smart device called Orcam’s MyEye 2.0 has been enabling blind people recognize faces. Seeing AI is another growing technology built for blinds to recognize patterns and objects.

It would be a huge win for humanity if AI comes cheaper.

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