Diving into Deep Learning

Ever wondered how Alexa understands and responds to your commands with significant accuracy. A little technological discipline called deep learning is the force behind it. If you already know how it all works deep down then you may as well skip the article. What waits for you here is a glimpse of the wonderful adaptation of the natural engineering of the human brain into artificial technology.

Defining deep learning

The name consists of two equally significant terms. Deep refers to the multiplicity of the layers in the artificial neural network. Learning suggests the purpose of these neural networks that is training a machine to recognize certain statistical patterns, words, sounds or images with brilliant accuracy and incredible rapidity. Therefore deep learning can be defined as a system of training machines that emulates the neural networks present in the human brain and which thereby follows the process of cognition used by the human brain.

Breaking down deep learning for beginners

As we learnt in the definition deep learning emulates the working process of the neural network in the human brain. Neural derives from neuron that is the smallest unit of our nervous system. These neurons collectively form the neural network that is responsible for all our senses.

Cognition through the neural network

When you had seen a tree for the first time you did not know what it was. You received the information from your elders; you learnt that the thin, green, plate like structures were called leaves. Your brain builds some assumptions about how a tree should look. Afterwards you are exposed to various kinds of structures which bear similarity to your first experience of a tree. And once your neural network transmits the images to your brain it recognizes them as trees depending on the previous assumptions it had made about a tree.

We learn to recognize each and everything with the help of the neural network through the sensory organs. We learn that fire can burn us and ice can freeze us from direct experience or received information so we tend to avoid bodily contact with them.

Deep learning uses multilayered neural network to train machines to recognize images, sounds, words or patterns in data. It thrives on massive amounts of data which helps in creating the initial assumptions and requires robust algorithms to function properly.

Why do we need it?

Be it speech recognition by a tool like Alexa or diagnosing cancer through image processing, deep learning has a part in everything. The progress in artificial intelligence would not have been possible without the assistance of deep learning.

There are certain areas which need a lot of work to establish deep learning as a flawless and essentially beneficial technology and we will undoubtedly be there. Presently more youngsters as well as experienced minds need to join the forces in developing and working in this discipline.

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