ATTENTION! Never Ever Forget To Do These 5 Things Before Working Out!

Exercising is important to your health. Your body needs to work out and maintain a good physical condition because what happens to it affects you inside out. You must know the right ways and techniques in exercising so you can get the best results, but first and foremost, you must be informed of the things to do before you even start sweating off.

You have to get ready before heating up the floor, and here are 5 of the most common and important things that no one must forget before exercising:


A strained and painful body the next morning is one of the results of not warming up before engaging in intense workout. You need to let your body adjust first from being too comfortable to being so pumped up. Doing warm up exercises is very essential for your body to not be shocked.

Warm up exercises prepare your body for the real battle of the muscles. Working out must happen step-by-step, from the mildest to the strongest and back to the mildest for recovery through cooling down. Do stretches, lunges, walk-in twists and other warm up exercises. You can find lots of them online or through exercise video guides.  

If you don’t start with warming up, expect hurtful joints and difficulty in moving certain parts of your body as soon as you wake up to the following morning. That’s what people who are not informed and who are in a hurry and impatient get.



There are exercises that come in forms of dancing only wherein no exercise equipment is used, however, if you’re not doing any of those, you must prepare your exercise equipment very well. Make sure that everything is on its best condition first before you use it.

Check all the parts of your exercise equipment —  the wheels, the handles, the seats, the foot pedals, the digital monitor and everything else. The effectivity and accuracy of the results of your exercise might be poor if your tool isn’t functioning properly. Worst, your safety while using it might be at risk too. Avoid getting injuries from them by making sure that they are safe to use.

Another important aspect to remember is your hygiene and your exercise equipment’s cleanliness. Most especially if someone else is using that thing, don’t forget to wipe and wash it before utilizing it yourself. Many health problems can be acquired if you use and share such things with other people without paying attention to sanitation and maintenance. Communicable diseases get their spotlight whenever you’re too complacent about the things you usually use and think are just fine.



You should not be reminded by this because this is automatic, but if you’re too forgetful, then this one’s still for you. Never work out right after getting yourself full. Don’t exercise right after eating!

Some people think it’s just alright, but it’s really not. Stomach pains, cramps and other problems related to it can happen to you if you’re hard-headed. If due to other health and medical-related reasons, you really have to eat first being exercising, then observe a good time interval. Don’t immediately jump onto the treadmill, darling. It’s dangerous!



Aerobic Exercises | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Working out requires you to move a lot — A LOT. You don’t just go immobile and stiff, but you exercise your body’s flexibility as you work out. That’s why you need to wear clothes which are suitable for this activity.

There are proper exercise clothes, but if you don’t have them, choose to wear those that are comfortable for you. Fashion isn’t really the top priority here, so even if you want to look stylish, don’t overlook safety and convenience in your workout clothes.

If tight clothes aren’t needed for your exercise and especially if they don’t feel, don’t wear them. Clothes which are more loose, that make moving easier for you are better. Stretchable workout clothes are better than those that limit your movement. If your movements are restricted, your workout can be the same, thus, lessening the effectivity of your efforts. Those that absorb sweat are also good picks.



So you won’t go anywhere far anymore if you need anything and so you won’t have to worry, get your necessities ready. Buy and bring them to your workout location.

Towels are very important. It’s impossible for you to stay dry after exercising. You need to wipe off your sweat. Don’t let it just dry or else, you might get sick.

Don’t forget to bring extra clothes as well. It’s nasty and unhealthy to stay on your sweaty clothes even after exercising. Your body might give off odor which isn’t pleasant for people you’ll meet on your way home. It’s for you and others’ good too. If you need to bring an extra pair of socks for your sweaty and palsied feet, do so.

If you need a first aid kit or any certain medications, bring them to avoid any health problem and to be prepared in case of unexpected mishaps. It’s always better to think in advance than being able to do nothing at all.




Usually, how you start something does a lot to how the whole process happens and eventually ends up. In working out, especially intensely, you can’t just jump off and begin the “no pain, no gain” routines. You have to observe some important things that will make everything turn out better, safe and effective. Don’t waste your efforts by starting the wrong way.


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an Australian business nationally regarded as the benchmark in the Fitness industry, offering premium quality fitness equipment collection at affordable prices. She writes pieces focusing on the importance of being fit and healthy overall and the self discipline that must go with them. She also does research on various gym and exercise equipment to give more information about how they work. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.