New Delhi: Sanjyt Syngh designs a Swiss-style Chalet inside a Farmhouse

Compelling dark tones, sumptuous finishes and an irresistible European design in perfect shades in the interiors of this weekend home is designed by internationally acclaimed interior designer Sanjyt Syngh.

A 2.5 acre farmhouse in New Delhi, with a 5000 square feet built up area comprises with two bedrooms and living rooms. Sanjyt Syngh has made this possible as an interior designer to get the feel of Europe while being in India. Sanjyt Syngh has given a European theme to this farmhouse, and transformed this space into an urban Swiss chalet.

New Delhi Farmhouse | Sprawling Landscape

New-Delhi-Farmhouse_3What makes the Swiss-style Chalet stands out is the the pitched shelter, wooden frontage and the clean lines of the exteriors. Flourishing greenery and the exuberant pool complement the opulent feel of this farmhouse and make it perfect to spot outside of the city.

New Delhi Farmhouse | Socialising in Style

Soaked in the dark tone, modern artwork, glistening finishes and a top-notch upholstery; this farmhouse is a connoisseur of luxury and comfort. The sensuous feel of the aesthetics sets the perfect mood in this dark and cosy space. 

New-Delhi-Farmhouse_4“This chalet is like a weekend home for the family. The living room on the ground floor is meant to be a dark, cosy space with an in-built fireplace. The idea was to give a very lived-in Swiss Chalet feel so it carries the mood of the structure inside,” says Sanjyt Syngh, the interior designer.

New Delhi Farmhouse | A Big Feast

New-Delhi-Farmhouse_5The modular kitchen with high end appliances and modish cabinet continues the opulence of the chalet. The best thing about the kitchen is that it overlooks the living room in the ground floor and doubles up as an entertainment space. The fireplace in the living room is the perfect element to enhance the warmth of this place. The space in kitchen had designed by the interior designer Sanjyt in a way that makes the cooking simpler and easier.

New Delhi Farmhouse | Perfectly Royal Treatment

The bedroom is not personalised in the Swiss Chalet because of being a weekend home. These rooms are used by friend and owners as in common. Mostly, the rooms are used by business guest, that’s why Sanjyt has given a neutral feel to it. The wooden log ceiling covered with sage green palette creates perfect warm and cosy interior. This bedroom is mostly used as a guest room. The sage green color palette complements the wooden log ceiling and helps create a cosy, warm interior.


New Delhi Farmhouse | A Room With a View

Away from workload and stress, getting entertained is equally important for creating a balance. That’s why; Sanjyt Syngh has given a special feel to this room which makes it perfect for entertainment purposes. This room entertains the family member as well as business guest. The room has a sumptuous view of a lavish swimming pool and a lush green landscape from its window. The room is enveloped in the favourite theme of Sanjyt, which is black. He has a special relation with black with excites and intrigue him since childhood.


“Even though it was a daunting task of complementing the dark elements with the textures in the room, each corner has been thoughtfully and tastefully curated to bring a sense of new. This space exudes its own style and young personality,” says Sanjyt Syngh.

New Delhi Farmhouse | Utmost Comfort

The bedroom on the first floor adorned with artwork and a customised linen bed. Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio has customised the linen bed to make it match with other elements in the space like artwork. The bedroom is mostly used by family member because of being utterly comfortable and having private space.

New-Delhi-Farmhouse_7These are the seven peaceful bedroom designed by the delhi-based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh of Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio. The perfect compilation of space to get vivid inspiration from your dream home.